The Cost for a New Bridge
Increases Every Second We Wait

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Support KY HB #456

Kentucky House Bill #456 is an opportunity to bring jobs, economic development and vitality to Kentucky. With peer regions across the nation – including 33 other states – coming up with innovative ways to develop a strong economy through infrastructure, this is our ticket to unlock underfunded projects, complete them sooner, cheaper and put more Kentuckians back to work.

Public transportation spending in Kentucky accounts for approximately $2.2 billion annually in state spending and is a major economic driver and job creator – an estimated 30,000 jobs result from such construction each year. There is a clear need for greater efficiency in which transportation projects are delivered in Kentucky, and a gap to fill in terms of finding funding and reasonable financing options for much needed mega-projects. The proposed legislation addresses these needs.


Please support Kentucky House Bill #456 and unlock opportunities for economic development, vitality and jobs in not just Northern Kentucky, but the entire Commonwealth.

Call the legislative hotline at 1-800-372-7181 and have your support of HB #456 delivered to your Senator, your Representative and all of leadership.

Read more about the Advancing Kentucky Act (HB #456) here.


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