The Cost for a New Bridge
Increases Every Second We Wait

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In response to an op-ed written by Henry Fisher and published by the Cincinnati Enquirer on January 22, 2015, Kentucky Secretary of Transportation Michael Hancock and Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jerry Wray jointly responded with the following letter:

Secretary Hancock and Director Wray response to Henry Fischer

Some of the highlights include:

“Your letter suggests an alternative project that would provide a new, 67-mile route that we expect would be much more expensive.  A project of that magnitude could not be funded solely with traditional state and federal project dollars available to Ohio and Kentucky. Therefore, another revenue source would have to be found.” 

“Only a limited amount of traffic would potentially divert to a bypass, so the end result would still include an over-burdened Brent Spence Bridge with safety and geometric deficiencies.” 

“Relying solely on state and federal transportation dollars would consume so much of both states’ road funds as to be untenable and unrealistic.  Therefore, tolls must be an element of the financing plan.”

The bottom line: 

1.  Even if the NKY United alternative was considered,  it would cost more and would need tolling. 

2.  Transportation experts have stated it would not divert enough traffic and the dangerous conditions along the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor would still need to be resolved.




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