The Cost for a New Bridge
Increases Every Second We Wait

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The Build our New Bridge Now Coalition commissioned a economic impact analysis of the Brent Spence Bridge Replacement project a few years ago.  This study was conducted by the Center for Economic Analysis and Development (CEAD) housed in the Haile/US Bank College of Business at Northern Kentucky University. The study presents estimates of the economic impact of the Brent Spence Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation Project on the Ohio, Kentucky and Cincinnati metropolitan economies.

 Summary of Results

The $2.6 billion Brent Spence Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation project is estimated to support 24,488 jobs throughout Kentucky and Ohio with most of the jobs (23,940 jobs) located in the Cincinnati MSA over the 10-year construction phase (an annual average of 2,448 jobs). These jobs will generate an estimated $1.9 billion in labor income across the two states with again most of the labor income occurring in the Cincinnati market ($1.8 billion). In addition to the economic activity generated within the region from the construction activity, fiscal impacts to the state and local jurisdictions will occur totaling an estimated $193.1 million.

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