The Cost for a New Bridge
Increases Every Second We Wait

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I am a young professional that grew up on the Ohio side of the river but moved to Northern Kentucky when I graduated from college because it was significantly cheaper to live there and much closer to the city. I work downtown and commute over the Brent Spence Bridge twice every day. I love the community I live in and its proximity to shopping, restaurants and downtown Cincinnati, but it is so frustrating to sit in ridiculous traffic multiple times every day going to and from work. Not to mention that when traveling on the bottom deck of the bridge (northbound) I almost always get cut off by someone who can’t figure out which lane they need to be in and all I can think of is my car smashing into the concrete wall with no where to go. If my Northern Kentucky leadership doesn’t do something about this issue I will most likely move back to Ohio. Ohio leadership at least seems willing to move quickly to solve the problem in an innovative way. I feel like I’m the type of person that NKY should be trying to attract but I don’t see any evidence that the people I’ve elected in Northern Kentucky care that this project is a priority for me and most of my friends.


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